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A mix of tomatoes of different colors and sizes that has captured in each serving the most intense flavors and incredible textures that conquer all palates.


Known as French or gourmet carrots, they are hand-peeled, giving them an elegant shape. They are characterized by their fibrous, crunchy and semi-glossy texture, as well as their intense colors.


Gourmet squashes of different sizes, shapes and colors, are the ideal complement to meals and provide a perfect touch of color.


The perfect snack for any occasion, ideal for a refreshing moment in the day.


It´s unique touch can never be missing in meals, they are a complement that creates the ideal seasoning.


With its crunchy touch they create that extra that all meals need, besides filling with color or decorating your meals to perfection.


Characterized by their vibrant and intense colors, these vegetables are a good option to create new dishes.


A totally unique and unforgettable herb thanks to its enchanting aroma, as well as a refreshing flavor that gives every dish a touch of nature.


The best friends of innovative dishes, they provide a touch of spiciness to surprise your guests.

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