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Our story

In 1985, the Martinez family decided to enter the agriculture world. All members of the family shared a great passion for farming and planting, so they decided to start together as a family. During their beginnings in agronomy they discovered that they had a great fascination for producing gourmet vegetables, and decided to expand their small business until it became the company it is today, thus becoming a company with more than 30 years of great trajectory.


To be recognized as a leading agricultural company inside the regional and national market, building long-lasting relationships with customers by promoting the consumption of gourmet products.


We are a company committed to providing high quality gourmet products always thinking of being the best option for the palate of our customers.


Responsibility: We act in a totally transparent manner and we are willing to assume responsibility for each of our actions before our employees, customers and suppliers.

Quality: We are committed to a rigorous process in the production and distribution of our products to provide high quality.

Loyalty: We guide all our decisions taking into account our principles and objectives as a company.

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